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Adding value with the right equipment


Are you confident that you have the optimum IT equipment that your business needs to succeed and grow?


Are your staff wasting hours (or even days) because of inadequate network speeds or poor performance from equipment? Can you be certain your work and sensitive customer information is protected against the next cyber-attack? 


Smart business owners know the value of investing in their IT infrastructure. They know with the right expert advice and strategy in place, they will future-proof their business and be ready to respond quickly as their business demands it.

Start taking action before it’s too late

At Cloud 9.0 we are familiar with the latest technology and what works best in different industries and office settings. We deal with all the main software and hardware companies and can negotiate the best deal for your business. We can check your current systems and quickly identify where there needs to be an improvement, or investment made.

So, stop wasting your time, guessing which is the best laptop, phone or tablet, stop waiting for your IT systems to fail and start taking action before it’s simply too late.

Give Cloud 9.0 a call and we will provide a full IT audit using best practice to give realistic recommendations on what your next IT investment needs to be.





"Being an internet business, the continuity and security of our IT systems are crucial."


Charles Eason | Business Owner & Director | CareCheck

"In terms of business benefits, Paul ensures we have continuity of service - getting any IT issues resolved very quickly. Also, by recommending the best technical advice, he helps to keep our company competitive and at the leading edge of technology."


Kate Icke | Director | Icke & Co

"As a result of working with Cloud 9.0, our business is more secure, more up to date and our IT systems are more reliable.

We have fewer IT issues and therefore customer service has improved and we have saved money as a consequence. We are happy to recommend Paul and have already done so."

Geoff Howles | Business Owner & Director | AJ Metals Ltd

Thinking of switching?


If you're not happy with your current IT provider, why not give us a call for your FREE IT Audit?

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