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Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

Why did Clement Rabjohns start working with Cloud 9.0?
With the need to upgrade and migrate their network, Clement Rabjohns was looking for a reliable, knowledgeable IT Partner who could help take their company forward in terms of information technology.
Requiring significant help with their IT infrastructure,  they called on Cloud 9.0 whom they already knew as a trusted local IT provider. 10 years on and their business relationship is stronger than ever.
What do you like about working with Cloud 9.0
The most significant project was migrating Clement Rabjohns from on-premise servers to Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting.
The whole project ran smoothly without any lost data and carrying out most of the work out of hours, ensured continuity of service. Cloud 9.0 now manages all of Clement Rabjohns Cloud Servers, Broadband, and Email.

Paul Woodward had this to say about Cloud 9.0's customer service, "Paul is very responsive, he is always ready and available.  He knows our industry and our business very well and offers expert help and advice to help add value and save money, wherever he can."

With Cloud-based hosting, it is easy to scale (up or down) how much memory and capacity is required at any given time. This offers Clement Rabjohns huge cost savings on their IT service and is much more cost-effective than traditional on-premise server hosting.

Another great benefit is keeping everyone's IT systems up and running with minimal downtime. This can often be overlooked and taken for granted, but Paul's daily, fastidious checks ensure his client's systems are always readily available.


As Chartered Accountants, Cyber Security is paramount. With their Managed Service Contract, Cloud 9.0 is able to monitor any potential threats, prior to the client even knowing there may have been an issue.


Another key area where Whichonetobuy (Cloud 9.0's sister company) adds value is IT Procurement. Paul offers great advice on the best, fit for purpose IT equipment and laptops at the best price.

"We are very happy with our hosted Cloud service which offers our company scalability and great cost savings. We are confident that our IT is always ready and available when we need it.


The best thing about working with Paul is he is very responsive, always ready to help and advise when needed, we have no hesitation in recommending his great service."

Paul Woodward

Practice Manager, Clement Rabjohns

Company name Clement Rabjohns
Industry Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors
Location Evesham, Worcestershire
Number of staff 20 
Current IT support & completed projects​:​
  • On-premise Server Support & Maintenance, prior to migration to Cloud

  • Migration out to Office 365 from local Server Exchange Email

  • Migration to Microsoft Cloud Servers, Microsoft Azure

  • Operational Management & Maintenance of Microsoft Azure Servers

  • Resolve any run-time Faults for Microsoft Azure

  • Management of DNS

  • Provision of Broadband Service and first-line for any faults

  • PC & IT Equipment Purchases

  • Microsoft Networks

  • Network Security

Thinking of switching?


If you're not happy with your current IT provider, why not give us a call for your FREE IT Audit?

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