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Cybersecurity is often confused with information security. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computer systems from unauthorised access or being otherwise damaged or made inaccessible.


Information security is a broader category that looks to protect all information assets, whether in hard copy or in digital form and is now governed by the GDPR Standards.

In recent years, cybersecurity has fallen under media scrutiny. This can be attributed to a rapid increase of attacks, and a substantial impact to organisations.


Under the GDPR and DPA 2018, organisations must implement appropriate security measures to protect personal data - or risk substantial fines


Cybersecurity a critical business issue for every organisation.

With cyber-attacks becoming more frequent and targeted, implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy is vital.

The three pillars of data security

Robust cybersecurity addresses people, processes and technology.


Every employee needs to be aware of their role in preventing cyber threats. Cybersecurity staff need to stay up to date with the latest risks, solutions, and qualifications.


Documented processes should clearly define roles, responsibilities, and procedures. Cyber threats are constantly evolving, so processes need to be regularly reviewed.


From access controls to installing antivirus software, technology can be utilised to reduce cyber risks.

Protect your business against cyber attacks

A solid cybersecurity strategy is the best defence against attack. But many organisations don’t know where to begin. This is where we can help.

Why is cyber security important?

The costs of cyber security breaches are rising

Emerging privacy laws can mean significant fines for organisations. There are also non-financial costs to be considered, like reputational damage and business discontinuity .

Cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated

Cyber attacks continue to grow in sophistication, with attackers using an ever-expanding variety of tactics. This includes social engineering, malware and ransomware (used for Petya, WannaCry and NotPetya).


Cyber crime is a big business

In 2018, the cyber crime economy was estimated to be worth $1.5 trillion, according to a study commissioned by Bromium. Attackers can also be driven by political, ethical or social incentives.


"Being an internet business, the continuity and security of our IT systems are crucial."


Charles Eason | Business Owner & Director | CareCheck

"In terms of business benefits, Paul ensures we have continuity of service - getting any IT issues resolved very quickly. Also, by recommending the best technical advice, he helps to keep our company competitive and at the leading edge of technology."


Kate Icke | Director | Icke & Co

"As a result of working with Cloud 9.0, our business is more secure, more up to date and our IT systems are more reliable.

We have fewer IT issues and therefore customer service has improved and we have saved money as a consequence. We are happy to recommend Paul and have already done so."

Geoff Howles | Business Owner & Director | AJ Metals Ltd

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